Commencement - Special Needs Request

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This form is only used to request special seating-area tickets for family members and friends with mobility or physical impairments who need close access to the sidewalk and the passenger drop-off area. The special-seating area is not the closest to the stage, nor with the "best view" but was selected for ease of mobility from the passenger drop-off area via a level sidewalk.  Volunteer ushers staff the area and assist guests with removing or adding seats to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers, and guests who wish to transfer from their wheelchair to a standard seat.
This form is not used for guests with hearing impairments (see important information on the website for guests with hearing impairments ).  This form is also not for graduating students to register for special services.  Students needing assistance should call the Office of Disability Services at 404.727-9877 (voice), 404.712.2049 (TDD) to make arrangements for special seating or services.

All requests must be received by Monday, May 4, 2015. Requests submitted online or mailed after that date cannot be fulfilled. Once all registered guests are seated in the special seating area, additional space may remain for those needing special accommodation who have not pre-registered. 

Ticket policy:  We will send one ticket per guest needing special seating, plus one additional ticket for someone to accompany that guest.  For example, if there are two members in your party who use a wheelchair, a total of four tickets will be sent (two for the wheelchair-dependent guests, and two additional seats).  If only one member of your party requires special seating, two tickets will be sent.  The remaining family members and friends will sit in the general-seating area; there is general seating directly adjacent to the special seating area.  Regretfully, we are not able to seat entire families in the special seating area so that we can accommodate as many guests with special needs as possible.
1. Guest requiring special-seating access
2. Graduating Student Information
3. Where should we mail the tickets?
Tickets will be mailed between April 22 and May 6.  The electronic confirmation is sent  to the email address provided below.